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Our Products
NG Core Services

Future emergency services need to keep up with and take advantage of the ever growing digitalization. They must utilize this trend and its new possibilities to provide more accurate and efficient help to those in need. To achieve the best possible solution, these state of tomorrow systems need to interconnect with multiple components within and outside of the emergency network. Efficient and cost-effective exchangability and interconnectivity between those components can only be gained by moving from proprietary interfaces to well defined and recognized standards.

We believe in the future of interconnected systems with separate components fulfilling specific and specialized tasks in the emergency process. Our products support multiple deployment options with or without cloud technology to allow easy and cost-efficient integration into existing systems. All our products are based on standard protocols and interfaces, independent of the selected deployment option. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the simplicity of the installation, the commissioning and the manageability of our products.

Pushing the idea of easy, efficient interoperability further, our commercial friendly (MIT License) open source projects on GitHub can additionally speed up the integration of other components. And as those projects follow the same standards, they can be used to easily integrate other products into existing infrastructure as well.

Conformance Testing

Continuous integration verifying our solutions using official conformance test cases to ensure quality and interoperability.

Collaboration Events

Integrating with other vendors to verify interoperability and discuss edge cases to drive the standards even further.

Open Source

Giving back to the industry and enable even faster integration with commercial friendly (MIT License) open source components.

Emergency Call Routing Function

Resolve the location of callers and the requested service (e.g. police) to the best IP endpoint using a single ECRF or hierarchical setup via an ECRF Forest Guide.

Location Information Service

Provide accurate caller location information for effective routing of emergency calls and for best possible localization of the caller for dispatch.

Deployment Options

All our products support multiple deployment and licensing options.

100% On-Premise

The ECRF resolves the location of a caller and the requested service (e.g. police) to an actual IP endpoint. It supports hierarchical setup via an ECRF Forest Guide.

Emergency Call Routing Function

Data centers in Europe from our European partners provide the necessary infrastructure to run our services.

On-Premise Data & Cloud Processing

Using an on-premise database gives you control of your data while benefiting from cost efficient cloud processing.

Emergency Call Routing Function

Deploying on Amazon Web Services and Azure provides nearly endless scalability and offers data centers worldwide.

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