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Location Information Service


The Location Information Service (LIS) provides location information in geodetic (latitude/longitude) or civic address format. Utilizing the HTTP Enabled Location Discovery (HELD) protocol, a client can retrieve the location information either directly or by reference. For emergency services, the LIS is used to make call routing decisions based on location and to accurately locate the caller for dispatch.

Advanced Mobile Location (AML)

Advanced Mobile Location provides most accurate location information in case of an emergency, usually far superior to triangulation based localization using cell towers. In case of an emergency, the user's end device determines its location and transmits this information automatically by SMS and/or via HTTP. The device uses any available method to send the best possible location, e.g. using cell tower, WIFI or GPS. Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and call routing services can then retrieve the location from the LIS using the HELD protocol as specified by the NG112 and NG-911 standards for accurate routing or dispatch.



Next Generation Compliant

The LIS follows the Next Generation standards by implementing the HELD protocol.

Reverse Lookup

Translates a geodetic location (latitude/longitude) to a dispatchable address.

HELD Protocol

Retrieve location by value or by reference for further processing.

Multiple Location Extension

Retrieve not only the latest but also previous locations to reconstruct the path of the caller ("snail-trail").

AML Support

AML and Next Generation Standards offer a perfect match to retrieve accurate location in a standardized way.

Web App Administration

Easy administration and configuration of multiple tenants and access rights.

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